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Zhejiang Feileisi Electrical Technology Co., Ltd. is a professional manufacturer which is specialized in producing Auto Relay, General Purpose Relay, Power Relay, Magnetic Latching Relay, Time Relay, Solid-State Relay and Socket.
The company is consistent with “Market oriented, Quality win victory.” as the operation Philosophy, “Pursuit the perfect quality to provide customers with satisfactory products and services” as the Quality Policy. The company is committed to build a well-known brand “Foocles” in the relay industry by persistence of the staff .
The company has domestic leading level technology research and development center, mould center, product testing center and international advanced level automated assembly line, forming the production system of scientific-research, manufacture and inspection. The company has passed TS16949:2002 and ISO9001:2008 international management system certification. Products have passed CQC certification 、UL and CE certification. Our products meet the domestic leading level  .....                      


Auto Relay

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Auto RelayAutomotive Relays : Automotive relays are one of the largest electronic components in car use. Many car devices need controlling by automotive relays, such as car lights, wiper, starter, pumps, traction control systems, fans, preheating, speakers, fog lamps, air conditioners, power seats, central locking, alarm, electric windows, anti-lock devices, suspension control, audio....

General Purpose Relay

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General Purpose RelayUniversal relay is a universal energy in a particular area, or many areas of the relay. When the relay’s input (excitation volume) changes meet the requirements, the electrical output of the circuit in the controlled manipulation takes great change.....

Power Relay

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Power RelayPower relay (power relay), is a way to meet some of the provisions in the input amount (or energizing) condition. A device transitions can produce in one or more electrical output circuits. When the power relay’s contacts are open circuit voltage of DC 28V, contact rated load current (resistive) of 30A, 40A, 60A, 80A, 100A, 120A, etc. relays.... .

Magnetic Latching Relay

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Magnetic Latching RelayLatching relay is a new type of relay developed in recent years, and also an automatic switch and other electromagnetic relay. The circuit plays a role on and off automatically. The difference is that the magnetic latching relay normally closing or normally opening state entirely dependent on the role of the permanent magnet. The switch status is certainly electrical signals by pulse width trigger and completed. Latching relay was first mainly used for IC......

Time Relay

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Magnetic Latching RelayThe relay (time relay) means that when added to (or remove) the operation of input signal, the output circuit is subjected to the provisions of the exact time to produce jump changes (or contact action) A relay. It is used on a lower voltage or a small current circuits, for turning on or off the high voltage, high current electrical components of the circuit. Meanwhile, the time relay is also a principle of using electromagnetic or mechanical delay control ....

Solid State Relay

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Time RelaySolid state relay (Solid State Relay, acronym SSR), is composed of microelectronic circuits, discrete electronic devices, power electronic power devices composed of non-contact switch. Solid State Relay (SSR) rely on electromagnetic and optical characteristics of the semiconductor devices and electronic components to complete their isolation and relay switching function. Compared with traditional solid-state relays electromagnetic relays....

Auto Harness

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SocketAutomotive wiring harness car circuit is the main network, without the harness not existing in automotive circuits. Harness is defined by copper punched from the contact terminals (connectors) after crimping and wire and cable, plastic pressure outside and then an insulator or external metal shell so as to form an assembly connected to the harness strapping circuit. Harness industry chain includes wire and cable......


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socketRelay base is the relay contact terminals role transition to electronic components, and relaying......
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