Auto Relay FLS846T

● 40A switching capability
● 1 form A contact form
● Outline dimensions: 64.0 X35.0X62.0
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Auto Relay FLS846T


Contact Form 1A
Contact Material AgSno2
Max,Operating Current 40A
Max.Operating Voltage 27VDC
Rated Load(Resistive load) 40A 13.5VDC  
Insulation Resistance 100MΩ
Dielectric Strength(Coil and Contact) 500VAC
Ambient Temperature -40°C~+85°C
Operate/Release Time 10ms/10ms
Mechanical Llife(min) 1 X106
Electrical Life(min) 1 X105
Terminal Type Terminal


Coil Ratings

Standard Normal voltage (VDC)   Pick-up voltage (VDC)   Drop-out voltage (VDC) Coil resistance  (Q±10%)   Parallel resistance (Q±5%)   Equivalent  resistance (Q±10%) Power consumption (W)   Max.allowable overdrive voltage1) (VDC)
                20 °C 85 °C
  12 8.4 1.2 90 - - 1.6 20.2 15.7
  12 8.4 1.2 80 680 79.5 1.8 20.2 15.7
  24 16.8 2.4 360 - - 1.6 40.5 31.5
  24 16.8 2.4 320 2700 317.6 1.8 40.5 31.5







Remark: (1)In case of no tolerance shown in outline dimension: outline dimension≤1mm, tolerance should be ±0.2mm;

Outline dimension>1mm and≤5mm, tolerance should be ±0.3mm; outline dimension>5mm,

tolerance should be ±0.4mm.

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